Presto Classical – great sale of 2011 recordings

Prestige British Gramophone magazine announces annually awards in individual “truly musical” categories. If you want to add to your phonoteque or present someone a nice CD, this one a sure bet. Right here is an offer of Presto Classical. All recordings awarded this year the best; that is the recordings of the year, „editor´s choice“ and winners of other fourteen categories are now offered discounted until 28th December.
On this page you find them all together. If we compare all the prices from Presto with prices on Amazon, we actually find out that it is quite a bargain. The recording of 2011 – Dvořák´s string quartet 12 and 13 performed by Pavel Haas Quartet – is issued on Amazonu and Prestu for the same price of fifteen dollars but for other winners of individual categories you can save approximately three to five dollars for a single CD. And for example the album Verismo Arias of our favourite Jonas Kauffman costs 72 USD on Presto, and 15.01 USD on Amazon.




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