Emeli Sandé: Our Version of Events

Scottish soul singer Emeli Sandé back home in England nowadays belongs to the most appreciated interprets. Right now her debut album Our Version Of Events has been released and apparently now we talk about the big event of the first part of year.


The singer is celebrating success being awarded the Brit Awards and with many interesting collaborations with Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle or Cher Lloyd whom she assisted composing. A success of her pilot single called Heaven that climbed right next to the top place of the British chart forecasts the new album has been a closely observed event in the Great Britain.

A refined taste and a great forecast was proven by a rapper, Professor Green, that recently engaged Emeli as a guest in his song Read All About It. Suave refrain sung by Emeli made a real hit out of the song which is proven by our home Radio Top 100 chart, and not just there. Counting Emeli Sandé ´s many successes one has to mention also the fact that a new single Daddy became the most downloaded composition that the portal iTunes in England offered as part of the Singles week section, where there are weekly freely available selected songs.



Compared to other competitors with well mastered campaign on internet, Emeli Sandé does not fear getting in any trouble during her live shows as it recently happened to Lana Del Rey. English music scene is looking at the new Adele, who has been invited to be a guest of this year´s Coldplay tour. Still, lets be totally honest; how many such raising talents has Adele experienced and how many have actually survived?




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