Jeff Beck: Live at B.B. King Blues Club

Friday Music publishers specialises in issuing rock classics in re-mastered arrange, a very strong representation also has issuing vinyl records. Although the sound quality according to audiophile forums sometimes stumbles behind, time from time the manage to release a great sound quality “candy”, as it is for example in a live performance of recording of Jeff Beck in a New York club B. B. King Bar & Grill.  


A guitarist Jeff Beck, who according to Rolling Stone magazine was voted the fifth guitarist of all times gets represented in a classical rock trio with the bass player Tony Hymas and a drummer Terry Bozie. On 10 September, 2003 it was the same formation that played with Jeff Beck´s Guitar Shop, which in 1989 recorded the like record that won a Grammy Award. The concert recording was released immediately but worse sound quality on contrary to today´s perfect piece has not really interested anyone at the time.




The concert starts with a hit composition Roy´s Toy also from a Grammy awarded record called You Had It Coming. It takes place in a chamber space while a frenzied audience continues to cheer through Freeway Jam or Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charlie Mingus all the way to the finale that finishes by a lovely Beatles  remake of A day in the Life



Anyhow for the song A Day in the Life that Jeff Beck plays today regularly at his concerts it was a very first time to be performed back then in NewYork. The concert recording was originally on sale just shortly during 2004 and two years later after a shorter break in Japan. A re-edition in Friday Music publishing got a beautiful collection cover that contains original booklet, memorabilia from the Japanese release, new texts on a cover and of course re-mastered recording of original tapes of Epic Records in a folding digital pack. You can order it on publisher´s website  and also on Amazon.


Jeff Beck with Guitar Shop at the end of eighties.



Jeff Beck plays Somewhere over the Rainbow on UDO Music Festival.









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