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Soulsavers + Dave Gahan: The light the dead see (CD)

It is a well known fact that frontman Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode has been inclining towards solo production during past ten years. Yet his attempts such as Paper Monsters or Hourglass have not been met with much recognition the singer would have wished to get. Apart from a couple of hits it was just a reflexion, which compared to solo creations of his colleague Martin Gore, seem rather weak. During their last tour Depeche Mode hosted a psychedelic-electronic group Soulsavers, which Gahan liked more than anything; the result of their cooperation is an album The Light The Dead See.


 A combination of a duet Machin-Glover with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode brought its fruits of harvest. Both parts were always quite close, that is musically as well as thematically. While the root players Soulsavers together with Mark Lanegan produced dark and avant-garde albums, even Gahan with his solo Paper Monsters or Hourglass didn’t stay behind although he could only dream about any added value. So the novelty sounds just the way it ought to be.

Gahan´s texts on life, death, depression and hope go hand in hand with a spiritual atmosphere of the whole album that is unsatisfied, rebellious and full of gospel melancholia. A minimal acoustics are in contrast with a rich and a wannabe protracted vocal that in places thunders, other times it emotionally preaches and rhetorically asking himself. The darkness is quite material and Gahan, who still cannot forget his most terrifying moment when he got on the brink of death after taking drugs, does not seek the light at the end of a tunnel. Some flat and inexpressive places are balanced with charismatic vocal and perfect arranges of a duet Soulsavers. The introductory western „silence game“, hymnal compositions The Longest Day, a prayer Presence Of God or a gospel/country Take Me Back mixed sufficiently strong cocktail with a hit potential which holds out even with orthodox fans of DM.


Dave Gahan: The Light The Dead See 

Formate: Audio CD

Released: 2012

Label: Mute











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