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LCD Soundsystem: Shut up and play the hits!

The usual way to end up your rock star carrier is to overdose with some kind of substance or play as long till you become totally boring for anyone. Only rarely we take over the lead over our final issues and settle things so that everyone is happy… and you can retire peacefully.


LCD Soundsystem is, actually it was, a group based in New York surrounding the musician, DJ and a producer James Murphy. Style, which they played, the members themselves called dance-punk – and  went through playing simply three accords, with an upcoming club scene the woody punk was good enough as an expression but not as a form. LCD Soundsystem compositions have very simply base of just several accords that is banded by a wall of sounds; the music that will entertain you at a party if you are about forty, your IQ is above a hundred and remember the teenage.

Just at the beginning of a carrier they got famous by compositions Daft Punk is Playing in my House and Losing my Edge, which is a great anthem of the nooties  of this century on youngsters with internet connection thinking they have all the wisdom in the world but “it was me who first played the Daft Punk rock to his kids when everyone thought I’m crazy and in fact in 1988 I woke up naked on a beach in Ibiza”. Anyhow, all three albums they recorded that is LCD Soundystem (2005), Sound of Silver (2007) and This is happening (2010) are simply great.



Now Murphy is almost fifty and he says that following each tour another grey strip in his hair appears, not taking in account what causes all the tension and stress in his head; simply he does not want to step off yet. He enjoys metro rides, making coffee and his attitude of middle successful rock star is not doing it for him anymore. Rather than waiting for the nature to decide, he announced that the band ceased playing and a stylish leaving party took place on 2 April 2011 in Madison Square Garden. The recording of the last concert is the base of the documentary “Shut up and play the hits”, which was first shown at the festival in Sundance and this year also in Karlovy Vary. Similar as the band  the movie is based on the personality of James Murphy; the kind of guy you´d like to go out for a beer and you would listen to although he takes whole minutes to find the right words to express what success really means for him and why is he letting the band go. There are scenes when after the last concert he takes his French bulldog out with an obvious hangover wandering in a quiet street so moving as Frigo with his machine.  

As the recording is only a hot novelty there is no film available on DVD yet; it is planned to enter the market in autumn. At last there is a trailer for us.







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