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Alanis Morissette: Havoc And Bright Lights (Audio CD)

How time flies! For some Ironic is still a symbol of an angry frustrated young girl rebelling against the whole world spitting revenge on a reckless lover; she gave a label of a pissed-off female confessor to the whole decade. What does Alanis nowadays being a grown up girl?


Alanis Morissette: Havoc and Bright Lights
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Collective Sounds

Today Alanis in her thirty eight years of age sound no worse than before; she tortuously pushes the limits and in her aggressive expression are apart from the characteristic fury also a bit of family home easiness. Don’t think that the singer became an ordinary mum who experiences her joys and worries in the reminiscences of her past glory. Of course, being a mother gets many women kind of down, and a novelty album follows her delirious Thank U in its finish, 1990s sound and grunge pop rock. Yet what Alanis cannot be denied is an emotional whirl that gets plenty of housewives or a hard core rocker up on their legs. Could she not have any fans any more?

„I am not worried about my perspective. See Eminem or Leonardo DiCaprio are both still here as well. There are certain people who are in my generation who were in the hot kitchen the same time as me, and whether I know them or not is incidental. I just feel we have this wink with each other,“ claims the singer.

Changing acoustic levels with those tastefully rocky, techno intermezzos and absurdly hymnal refrains suited Alanis same as her perversely smiley stage performance that made her famous too. And so an angry mature woman still impatiently preaches in Celebrity; she is not scared to try new arranges in a hit song Woman Down, and in a ballade way it cradles you through Empathy. Spiral whirls with emotions sure to make a beautiful radio song that will please as well as an acoustic Win and Win, which gets any feminist a chance to sigh with joy properly. Havoc And Brights Lights is simply another confession recording of someone who turned into the next half of his life. And it is clear that Alanis will post-rock rebel until she retires. Let’s leave it up to her, if the future topics consider her grand children or a global crisis.






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