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Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Begins

In 2001 died a famous jazz poet and an excellent pianist who influenced various artists from jazz to hip hop style. The Revolution Begins is a three-record edition released in honor to the big name, who has been worshiped by both orthodox blues fans and indie rock pioneers.


Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters
Formate: 3 Audio CD Box Set
Released: 2012
Label: BGP

There is no doubt that Gil Scott has brought the revolution not only to the black music, but also to the global mainstream at the time being.  If you connect an intelligent author approach with pure poetry and thoughts, the Earth moves. And here we have the very best of 40-years history that has inspired hundreds other musicians from Bob Dylan to Eminem.

Of course, there are the fundamental tracks such as The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, which was released in various versions throughout the half-century, a calming poetry of  Pieces Of A Man or a vocal canon in Everyday that is the origin of Sting´s pop rock.

A cheerful funky vocal jazz bubbles amnog crystal clear melodies completed with simple instrumental support. Magic compositions keep certain anger and sense of humour in themselves. However, they show the most important of Gil´s music:  humanity, which has become a fundamental pillar of his pop art.











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