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Wega 300:Verner Panton´s hi-fi puzzle

Today, we would like to introduce you another hi-fi designer – Verner Panton. His masterpiece is probably  the well known S-chair but he has also created some interesting pieces for the hi-fi world as well –  meet his Wega 300 system.


Panton studied at the intellectual Royal Danish Academy of Art.  Soon after graduation he started to work with Andre Jacobsen, an Egg chair designer (we wrote about him here in connection to the royal sitting). One of the main characteristics of his production is minimalism and functionalism – this can be said about his furniture designs, lamps, textiles but also about this Wega 300 system.

Wega 300 is a result of Verner Panton´s collaboration with an already non existing Wega company, which became part of the Sony later. This piece is a hi-fi system from 1963 consisting of a gramophone, an amplifier and a radio. A wooden block is divided into two smaller blocks – with an amplifier and a radio upstairs and a gramophone downstairs. All is placed in a massive iron pedestal to avoid vibrations – all  in all it weights  remarkable 50 kgs! (see our gallery for more).



Should there be anything by Panton that will last till the end of the world, it will definitely be his “Stackable Chair” or “S-chair” or also “Panton chair”.  Originally, this chair was an idea of a German architect Miels van der Rohe (yes, the Tugendhat villa) who could only dream about such a plastic chair as there was no available technology at that time. However, Panton considered this his piece of art and as soon as  he solved some problems (it was too heavy, for example), the chair could be produced in 1965.  All the fun is that it is made from one piece – no seat, rests, legs, cushions. No way! It is just one rippled dancing curve with a rick possibility. The glory came in 1995 as the already quite old chair became a Vogue cover model with Kate Moss (see  gallery). There is no better example of timelessness and everlasting modernity.

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