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Alela Diane: About Farewell

This girl knows how put a spell on you. Alela Diane presents a live romantic devastation on her new solo album.


Alela Diane: About Farewell
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Rusted Blue Records

It´s been almost two years since the previous album and suddenly it is clear which way the wind is blowing. The Wild Divine collaboration broke down together with her marriage break-up as Alela´s main guitarist Tom Bevitori was her husband. So the About Farewell seems to be doomed to a subjective sorrow, simple guitar lines and a minimalistic instrumental setting. However, even this style fits the folk singer well. Country songs are left in the past, soft rock of the 1970s is forgotten. A poetic reportage about her self will take us into a suggestive environment, bittersweet memories and cosy vocal lines. No, this is not another Sheryl Crow but a girl who lost her husband and knows how to sell it in an intelligent way. Alela Diane is searching her own harbour where she could hide her confessions. She combines folk rock phrasing with a soft vocal acrobacy in a bizzare way and sometimes she uses the help of choirs – though her dark spleen and spiritual feelings rule it all. About Farewell is a new chapter in one´s woman life.






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