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The Black Keys: Turn Blue

The Black Keys have spoken again. The eight studio album takes the listener into a garage blues, in which rock´n´roll dirt mixed with progressive epics.

This is a ride as if Pink Floyd would get together with The Clash and Kraftwerk. Heavy blues is rolling from all the sides, yet is is the current record full of anger, impudence and innovation. Rock Gospel carries the clear influence of the producer Danger Mouse, who can handle the combination of paranoia and optimism. He is not afraid of choral lines, subtle electronics, acidic organ and brilliant orchestral arrangments. Suggestive lyrics about love are acoustically tinged, garage falset of Dan Auerbach is riches in rhymes and vocal acrobatics, small-town soundtrack was inspired by Ennio Morricone. The Black Keys struggle with the dynamics, which is enhanced by the scratchy litany, bordering with an apocalyptic epic. „Quaky“ electronics accompanied by trivial guitar and bubbling rhytms has not betrayed its own legacy. On the contrary, Turn Blue is much more aggressive record, even though it keeps holding to its blues charisma and hypnotic atmosphere. The Black Keys have moved to other plants, in which they certainly did not drown.



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