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Hudson Mohawke: Lantern

Hudson Mohawke is a name likely to be heard in connection with club and pop music. Scottish youngster and former finalist of championship of “equilibristic turntablism” became one of the most prominent producers of the decade – his unique combination of electronic music and hip-hop has already found its way into musical arsenal of names such as Kanye West or Drake.

Despite the amount of work on other projects, Hudson has finally got to release his long-awaited second album. Bombastic beat mixture on Butter, has been replaced by eclectic genre flyby on the new album called Lantern; and surprisingly without one guest rapper. However, while listening you will hear variety of other guests – such as R&B star Miguel and Antony Hegarty from Antony and the Johnsons. There is no shortage of almost complete demonstration of Hudson´s producer´s portfolio, featuring the impressive industrial bangers, synth filaments or „Frankensteiny“ sample patchworked funk/soul/pop monsters. Hudson Mohawke spent the last few years under the light of lamp in his studio – and from the album Lantern the bleeding-edge producer touch is well perceptible.

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