Well Rounded Sound: roundwoods inspired by dogs

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As you can see from the title, the American Well Rounded Sound design likes it round. The company offers variety of table speakers named after breeds of dogs. It is true, with a little bit of imagination their design pieces may remind you of a lurking bitch.

Palo Alto Audio Design

Hi-FI / Audio

Palo Alto is the capital city of Silicon Valley. If a company producing hi-fi devices dares to name itself “Palo Alto Audio Design”, it really shows a lot of confidence. But is that justified?

Marcus Miller: Renaissance (Audio CD)

Hi-FI / Audio

Multi instrumentalist and primarily a phenomenal bass guitarist came with another serial album called Renaissance. A companion and co-player of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock or David Sanborn hasn’t given up his slapping bass guitar even on his last record. Same as thirty years ago Marcus Miller is now looking ahead daringly; Renaissance is a traditional but also creative enough to speak about it exclusively in superlatives.

Serene Audio: escape for your eyes and ears

Hi-FI / Audio

When searching for beautiful things, we were absolutely astonished by the Serene Audio company products. Another producer that uses natural materials to create interesting though simple speakers. As the motto of the company says: „…escape for your eyes and ears“.

Audio Pro: Wireless connection from Scandinavia

Hi-FI / Audio

Scandinavian company Audio Pro focuses on hi-fi wireless audio. Apart from collection of speakers they offer also wireless solution for any part of your home audio that can be connected with sound source.

Cork gramophone by Sennheiser

Hi-FI / Audio

In order to stretch a bit further aiming at younger public the traditional company got together with a young product designer Matthew Lim who invented this sexy-eco-gramophone.

Libratone: Freedom for sound!

Hi-FI / Audio

Danish company Libratone´s motto is: To liberate sound. Their speakers with FullRoom system proclaim a total amnesty to the sound tied up in classical “box” speakers.

Davone Ray: Danish precision inspired by the classics

Hi-FI / Audio

Danish firm specialising in manufacture of audiophile sound system, the main feature of which is wood bent in various shapes and natural materials.

Cornlofts in Karlín: Fullstars solution in a modern loft

Hi-FI / Audio

A new successful Fullstars realization was done in cooperation with architectonic team OOOOX…



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