Porcelánové reproduktory Joey Roth. Opatrně!

Design / Produkt

Oblíbený výrobce čajových konvic vyvinul designové reproduktory.

Akustické sochy od Architettura Sonora

Design / Produkt

Designéři z ateliéru Architettura Sonora definují nový pohled na poslechovou akustiku.

PET felt


(EN) The PET Felt is made out of used PET bottles and other plastics. The collected plastics are then sorted and made to soft fibers. By blending different colours, you can in- or decrease the colour intensity of the material. A large weaving machine extracts the raw fibers and begins weaving thin layers of felt into any desired thickness. Large and thick sheets of PET felt are placed in a mould of the Pod.





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