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Na Hřebenkách Street – Prague

The draft comes from a requirement of smooth design with a minimum impact into the interior design and at the same time keeping high demands to movie and music projection. The intention is most notable in a bedroom where 5.1 sound is led by a single central Loewe Sound Projektor.
Technology was applied into a finalised interier which was obviously a partly limiting factor.


Used equipment:


Living room:

Loewe Reference 52

Loewe Mediacenter

Loewe Reference Sound Standspeaker

Loewe Sound Subwofer

Loewe Blu Tech Vision Interactive



Loewe Individual 55 Compose

Loewe Mediacenter

Loewe Sound Projector

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Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Media Center
Na Hřebenkách ložnice: Loewe Individual 55 Compose

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