Bruce Springsteen a E-Street Band – first time in the Czech Republic

Bruce Springsteen is an American singer telling stories of a tough life of American manual workers and love on a back seat of American big cars. His songs are anthems of “blue collars”, they play to guys walking to a factory in the morning, they play to them in the evening in a bar listening to SuperBowl final. E-Street Band is his studio band that from time to time goes on tour and causes a wave of good mood all across USA.


Same thing happened this year. In Newsweek magazine issued on 5. December Paul Begala says: „Perhaps the best news I´ve heard in this dreary year is that Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band are gearing up for another tour. We need the Boss more than ever, in part because few of our leaders are extolling the American worker… I can´t wait to hear Springsteen and the band sing about the workin´ life again.” That´s about how it will be. In Synot Tip Arena you can hear a band of moderately wild sixty-year-olds who will as part of an old-fashioned stadium rock show be singing about the good old values of the last century. This one is a must for all home-sick American expats.


You can buy tickets here.




Anyhow, the Boss will not be performing here for the first time ever. The proof is here. In 1998 he played an acoustic concert in the Congress Centre.





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