What did Mozart do at the age when Amy Winehouse met her end in alcohol abuse?

There is something you could call „Club 27“. Its members are musicians that did not live beyond their twenty-eighth year of age. It was the year when Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain or a bluesman Robert Johnson died. The latest new-comer into the club where no-one is really drawn to, is Amy Winehouse. All these people remained young forever and they don´t have to be bothered with the saying: „Don´t believe anyone over thirty“.
Then there are also certain composers that have been dead for such a long time that they seem to have been born straight into the bronze bust. If Miloš Forman have never shot Amadeus, where he lets Mozart run around in underpants from party to party, we wound not have thought that these people had been also young and restless. In this article we have a look what Mozart did at the age Kurt Cobain shot his brains out.

Mozart was born in 1756; hence he was twenty seven in 1783. By then he travelled all across Europe being a prodigy child. Then for some time he lived in Salzburg and in 1777 (that is being twenty one) he set off to an extensive tour through Europe. When he was twenty three he came back to Salzburg and got a job of an organ player. Yet he became so bored that he escaped do Vienna for good. When he reached the age of twenty six he go married. Until the age of twenty seven, he was building his professional reputation mainly due to his sonatas for violin or piano – for example: this one, which is performed by devilishly fast little girl. Nevertheless even Mozart was considered piano virtuoso since he was a child. Until 1783 he composed thirty six symphonies. His most famous operas were written some time later; Figaro´s wedding in thirty, Don Giovanni in thirty one years of age; it was still in the age when today’s people put various decisions to the stage when they “grow up to be adults”.
From the period around Mozart´s thirty years of age we recommend this record.


You can find there three piano sonatas (K. 333, K. 570 and K. 457) and a piano fantasy C-minor (K. 475). They are performed by the undoubtedly best Czech pianist, Ivan Moravec (born in 1930), a specialist in Mozart. How does this record sound the best was described by a certain English reviewer: „ Ivan Moravec plays so smoothly you’ll forget that his piano’s a percussion instrument“. To hear that Moravec can also hit the keys pretty hard, check out Mozart´s piano concert in D-minor.








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