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How does 3D work and what does Obama really see through his glasses


Stereoscopic film has been known since 1838, when Sir Charles Wheatston invented the first stereoscope. The gadget worked primarily just with a drawn model and later with a photo pattern and mutually shifted pictures didn’t intertwine but were placed next to each other.
3D was not considered an essentially important format for a film projection. The reason was a number of limitations in manufacture and watching the picture, yet that is now changing. Currently most often used systems of stereoscopic projection are an anaglyph and VH polarisation.





The system is most significant by glasses of various colours to filter various colourful pictures. Both pics are projected over each other so that if you take your glasses off, you see a slightly blurred with sharp colourful edges. An anaglyph is today used by printed media or for example Youtube.




VH polarization

The glasses are much more fitting with a dark polarization. In fact they remind of sun glasses except one glass is twisted by 90 degrees. On the screen you see the pictures layered one over the other so you even get a little dizzy if you watch it longer. Each picture has a different polarisation and after you put your glasses on your left and right eye sees the correct picture. Two recording cameras were about 7cm apart, just like a person´s eyes, in purpose to create the space feeling.  The technology is used by IMAX and nowadays it has no competition although new technologies are developing fast.

Contemporary 3D

Since Cameron´s movie Avatar, when the whole world went mad about 3D and a new technology competition on patents started, several new technologies were created. Let us explain the most significant one. It functions in the same way as IMAX, but it is even more advanced. The glasses contain an electronic device that in synch with picture can switch on and off both right and left glass. It is done extremely fast. Due to new technologies it is possible to have this little “miracle” at your living room. 3D picture can be projected even through satellite or earthbound broadcasting.  

Below you will find several gadgets that come highly recommended.  As for 3D picture projection they are the real “fullstars”.

Loewe Individual
Samsung UE60D8000
Optoma HD83
Moreover Optoma produces table processor, which creates 3D even on your office computer only for several thousand crowns. All you need to look for is a label 3D XL – ready. Read more.
Blu Ray
Onkyo BD-SP809
Loewe View Vison






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