Rocky on 6 DVDs. Complete boxer´s saga.

When Sylvester Stallone needed no prostate treatment medicine while boxing a punch-bag, here in the Czech Republic we could only watch Rocky Balboa on VHS with a single voice dubbing. Outsider stories climbing all way up to the very top were in the hearts of viewers over the Atlantic ocean as well as those living behind the Iron Curtain.
This month a series of six DVDs containing all five movies Rocky I – VI has been issued; moreover there is a movie Rocky Balboa dating back to 2006, when the aging Sly came back to the boxing ring again. This nine hour marathon can knock you out just like fighting Mike Tyson. The series has a quality declining tendency, but Rocky I put the standard pretty high up; in 1976 it received ten Oscar nominations, and won three awards – best picture, director and film editing.


If you are straight off to gym inspired by this energy packed series, don´t forget a selection of the best music from the entire series. You can buy it here.




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