Gramophone magazine: what to listen to in January


We received a summary from Gramophone magazine informing us on what´s interesting in classical music in January. Well let´s see then…


Gramophone magazine is a respected British magazine on classical music that exists since the eighties. It brings many reviews, reports and articles but we especially like the fact it has many charts and columns like “the record of a month”, so if you want to stay updated and don’t have much time, then simply read the article below.

The recording of January that got a special attention was voted the recording of Franz Liszt´s songs with a soprano singer Diana Damrau and a pianist Helmut Deutsch by Virgin publishers. Diana Damrau is a foremost German soprano originally from Bavaria and we found a short recording where you´ll learn all the essentials. We especially like her hand work as of the sixth minute – she beats even Dan Bárta. The price of the recording is ridiculous – about 7 USD at Amazon.




Short samples from the recording you can also find at Gramophone Player where magazine editors monthly choose ten best things. In January there are four recordings from by Liszt and one from Chopin so if you like piano music, you will have a cool time. Also you find Dvořák´s piano quintet op. 81. The most interesting from the selection is definitely a recording of Spanish songs and arias by Patricia Petibon “Melancolia” – the selected song is definitely little melancholic and its “jampadí jampadá karamba!” keeps playing in the head a long time after listening. You can launch the player here (it is necessary you register and sign up) but really worth it.

Nevertheless as we just found out, not only Patricie Petibon sings well but also looks fine so you will be reading about her on Fullstars often.


And finally, if you fancy buying a nice classical music and haven´t made up your mind yet, you can get inspired by the Specialist Classical Chart. In a long run our favourite Miloš Karadaglič we wrote about last month has a big lead.  Hold on, Miloš!




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