The Cinematic Orchestra: 18 January in Prague in Lucerna Music Bar


For the second time Prague welcomes a band of an essential importance as for its downbeat and electronics influenced by jazz.



It is hard to decide whether to call The Cinematic Orchestra a band, orchestra, project or whatever else. It is probably all together in one. In any case it has great musicians with jazz roots that create music where acoustic instruments and samples with multiple electronics calmly intertwine mainly through nice melodies and spaces where you desire to run into and across with no clothes on and swim through the air, bubbly waters and a deep forest of falling stars.



The concert in Lucerna Music Bar club takes place on 18 January 2012. You can buy the tickets here.


Maybe it is a bit of a kitch, but why not? The origins of the CO are partly charmed by a film music which purpose is to colour the movie by emotions.  The album Ma Fleur is even intended as a soundtrack to a movie that has never been shot; individual compositions were then used for various movies (for example this fragile composition was used in The Tree with Charlotte Gainsbourg). 


Emotions that you will carry from the concert in Lucerna Music Bar will definitely not inspire you to turn over the trash bins on your way back home; more likely you will smoke a joint sharing with your partner back at your home or you conceive a beautiful baby with indigo aura that night while listening to the mentioned record album Ma Fleur from 2007, that we most heartily recommend.










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