Two music news: Lana del Rey and Ed Sheeran


A singer Lana Del Rey and a ginger boy with a guitar, Ed Sheeran, introduce their new albums.


Lana Del Rey belongs amongst the biggest revelations at the music scene of the last months. A young singer made her breakthrough with a debut single Video Games, that shot straight up to the top of the iTunes chart in nine countries of the world. The singer herself was overwhelmed by the success; she posted several of her songs for free online listening and never planned on the fact that the composition „Video Games“ would be her breakthrough single. Production of Lany Del Rey moreover gets great reviews so issuing of her debut record is expected with great thrill. Her album was named Born To Die and will be released on 30 January. It was preceded by un eponymous single that Laura also made a video clip for.





In comparison Ed Sheeran works on stage already since 2005, but his debut album issues in Czech distribution only now. The songwriter has a very unique personal style of expressing himself, a self-confident vocal combining folk, rock, rap and grime. He performs only with her guitar and boxes that create their own sound loop and improvisation. Ed Sheeran is a typical product of the new century. Out of the plenty of competition of similar song writers he managed to stand out in today s digital age by his diligence playing hundreds of concerts and created his own fan base growing day by day.

When his management advised him to discipline himself and colors his gingery hair, Ed composed his famous composition You Need Me, I Don´t Need You, where he laughed at all his mockers in his own way. During the next year he released five EPs, each of which was completely different but quite typical for him.

Last February after two years of continuous concentration, Ed was recording a live version of “You Need Me, I Don´t Need You” for SBTV, the main channel of YouTube. During two days the clip was seen by 100 000 viewers and by now it has a five million attendance rate.  

In September last year Ed issued, so far only for the Great Britain, an album called `+´. “I like saying that it is amazingly positive album,” Ed laughs, “but I really like the sign as such. It is also one step ahead from all my independent records.”





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