Genie: music from all around

 MP3 player with speakers all around you can build in the middle of the room and dance around it.


The thing that looks like the Aladdin lamp, or a UFO space ship, is actually an MP3 player. It was developed by a Korean designer Kim Ji Youn who named it Genie.


The objective was to create the simplest player that would not contain any functions that people later wouldn’t practically use.   Normally you have to switch your computer on, download music onto a device, connect it to another docking system and select what you want to listen to. This round thingy you simply downloads all the music you have and then you choose what you want to play according to your mood. If you are in a melancholic mood then choose a program “depressed” and based on a secret algorithm Genie creates a real depressive playlist selection of your music.


The device also contains Bluetooth function, it is able to connect itself to your computer and watch a synchronisation of music files. The speakers are placed all around the player so it does not matter at all which angle you are listening from.


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