A band of star musicians Black Stone Raiders: 9 February in Prague

In the framework of a concert series Prague International Bluenight a completely new formation called Black Stone Raiders will perform in the Lucerna Music Bar on 9 February showing a trio of first class musicians.

The three-member music formation beams with pure joy. They all have already performed in big stadiums, won several Grammy Awards and experienced all the glory and misery of show business … and so they simply decided not to bother anymore and started playing in small clubs and play in a good old way they have always liked. How often can you go to a club and listen to a concert of a winner of two Grammy awards, a guitarist compared to Jimmy Hendrix or bass player of Rolling Stones, and pay  less than twenty dollars?

Black Stone Raiders consist of a bass guitarist Darryl Jones who played bass guitar with the Rolling Stones, or performed with Miles Davis or Madonna in past; a drummer, Will Calhoun (Living Colour), and a guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly (also performed with Miles Davis). One of the best and most respected current players together perform an original mix of rock, jazz and jungle. But why Black Stone Raiders? Darryl Jones comments: „The name Black Stone Raiders derives from the Chicago gang Black Storm Raiders. And as I was once a member or the Rolling Stones, we made up the name.“ No matter how rich and colourful the past of all the band members was, it is now quite clear that the concert will be a unique event not lacking energetic and original blues rock crossing over to other genres.

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