Lang Lang: Chinese virtuoso of piano and iPad comes to Prague in March


On 31 March Prague welcomes a young Chinese pianist, Lang Lang, an icon of Chinese youngsters, the man who introduced the Olympics in Peking and can brilliantly play iPad.


As part of Dvořákova Prague festival there is a unique opportunity to see a live performance of a young man (born in 1982, who the whole world, especially the Asian part, went man. If anyone ever could awake interest of the youth in classical music, then it is Lang Lang. He claims that he decided on playing piano at the age of two after he watching a TV episode of Tom and Jerry called The Cat Concerto – the kind of big laugh similar to the scene at the barber of Chaplin´s Dictator.


The life episode is quite characteristic of what Lang Lang can do – combine the “high” with “low” together into interesting contexts. Youtube offers a recording of him playing iPad, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the bumblebee  while entering the stage; here is something similar in higher quality. It is just this characteristic together with undeniable “total” talent and technical refinement that makes everyone bow humbly in from of such a special star. Communicative and sympathetic young man can be the kind of “door man” to the kind of music that certain people would never listen to, same as was Bernstein during his TV concerts or Wynton Marsalis promoting the jazz genre.


Entry tickets for the concert costing about ten thousand czk are available through the festival website.


If you are not heading to the concert but you would like to see what does the piano performance look like, you can get a recording of the Vienna concert of 2010 on DVD  or Blu Ray; also the recording of Franz Liszt´s composition with an eloquent name “Liszt: my piano hero”.








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