Tom Waits: Bad as Me

A musician, actor, bar loafer, jack of all trades and hard to put in a box genius Tom Waits has released a great new album called Bad as Me…


Anyone not acquainted with Tom Waits’ work who hears him for the very first time can think that he is some kind of a trash metal spook turned a folk music player. Admittedly if you compare the development of his voice colour from the beginning of his carrier in the seventies as it was for example here with what he sounds like today, he could likely make an interesting contribution to an expert laryngological discussion. But if you agree that the artist is not defined by being able to sing a three octave C note but creating something irreproducible, then Waits is your man.

It is simply because Waits cannot ever be reproduced. His unmistakable dirty voice inspired several companies  to using it in an advert and as he is strictly against such a behaviour and willing to take a company to court, few of them therefore lost quite a lot of money; most recently he won a case over Volkswagen.

His fans had to wait for seven years to hear the next album but it is certainly worth it. The novelty called Bad as Me sounds in comparison with his previous experimental albums pretty normal. More furious records are followed by beautiful ballads such as a new years song called New Years Day. Although a non-trained ear can perceive the accompanying music line similar to chaotic banging and bashing to accidentally gathered set of instruments, each album always stars  real aces; in case of Bad as Me it is Keith Richards from Rolling Stones, who played in the song Satisfied  or a bass player Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who performs in Raised Right Men.



The album can be purchased as a CD, in a two disc luxury version or downloaded in MP3 format. You would agree with the man who wrote on YouTube under the video of Satisfied that “People who constantly say Tom Waits should’ve been the frontman for a metal band need to realise that Tom himself is a genre of music”.






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