Arcadian Audio: 50 kg of glass laminate with a big hole at the end


Trumpets from a Greek company Arcadian Audio are real hi-fi horns of abundance; something that will certainly not fit into your studio flat.


A twisted shape of horn in Greece that is the residence of Arcadian Audio is very well known. A poor little Zeus had a father named Kronos, who had a strange hobby of eating his own children; therefore his mother sent him to Crete in secret and in order not to feel hungry at his journey she filled a goat horn with goodies – hence the saying “horn of abundance”.


In Greece the shape of a trumpet is no designer´s excess. What is more peculiar are the measurements of the hi-fi piece; 220 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 90 cm in depth. You need mover men to get you this art piece not only for the fact that the fragile glass material the trumpet is made of but it needs a real good wrapping too. The transporter also recommends to sit at least three metres away from the twisted tube while listening, as you will have a better chance to enjoy the sound without being blown away by a wave of this gigantic resonating hole.



To get information on price you need to personally write the manufacturer on For a fully equipped set of two pieces you pay about 24 000 Euro.








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