Hugo: 3D adventure by Martin Scorsese

The classical crime thrillers movie maker, Martin Scorsese, shot a movie no one would have expected.  Hugo and his big discovery is a 3D family adventure about an orphan living in Paris in 1930´s.

Hugo is a twelve year old boy who after the death of his father, a clock maker, seeks shelter in Montparnasse, where he keeps repairing watch and tries to finish his father´s dream – a mechanical robot missing a key element, the key of a shape of heart. The film pays tribute to the pioneer of a trick movie by George Méliès and is a classical grotesque of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. The director, who got famous by mafia movies, tried in his old age for the first time not only a genre of children adventure but also a completely new 3D technology. And even though Hugo refers to the past by turning back to the classical movies according to many he also points out to the future of 3D cinematography.


Just as the enthusiasm surrounding the 3D began to fade following a phenomenal success of Avatar (we wrote about this technology in the article How 3D works), Hugo gets eleven Oscar nominations. Although from the point of profit it no miracle similar  to Cameron´s fantasy. Because it seems that the time when 3D push „flat“ movies out of the cinemas or even our homes, is very far away, we can peacefully sit at our home theatres enjoying other movie treasures by Martin Scorsese in 2D, but more than compensating for another dimension by the depth of their stories and multi-layer characters.


Mean Streets S.E.

One of Martin Scorsese´ characteristic features is his frequent cooperation with Robert De Niro. A gangster movie  Mean Streets S.E., where De Niro plays a small fish called Charlie, making his way through in a New York quarter of Little Italy, shows how was their very first cooperation.



Raging Bull

If you came across a biographic  film on the boxer, Jake LaMotto, then you surely cannot suspect Scorsese of using any formal way including 3D as a visual gimp stick. Due to iconic scenes with slow motion scenes, playing with perspective and complicated camera moves the picture remains a style textbook even twenty three years after release.



Shutter Island

When Scorsese finds his ideal actor, he sticks with the decision. That is the case Leonardo DiCaprio, who he started to cooperate with since the Gangs of New York. In a retro detective thriller from a mental home Scorsese perfectly pictured the tension and paranoia of the whole America in the fifties, but again mastered a truly strong story.




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