Laibach on a tour for their movie Iron Sky

On the occasion of their eagerly anticipated European premiere of the Iron Sky movie a cult Slovenian music band sets off on a tour and on 5 April in Prague Akropolis Palace.


„We come in peace“ Laibach ensures their fans in the name of their tour promising not only the film music, but also some new songs from two of their upcoming albums and a cut through the production of eighties until today.

Laibach are a unique music group. They got famous through their weird cover versions of famous rock compositions from the Rolling Stones (Sympathy For The Devil), Beatles (Across the Universe or I´ve got a feeling) or One Vision by Queen, that gave them a completely new life in their interpretation. In 1988 they shot an album Let It Be, that is complete remake of the famous Beatles album.



The band´s major breakthrough happened with issuing Opus Dei album and the following tour inscribed their name in the rock history for good. The biggest sensation caused their remake version of Jesus Christ Superstar from 1996 that differs from the original due to a brutal guitar play. Laibach keep provoking with theirs stage travesty ironizing overall world history; they created most controversy through sarcastic travesty of Nazi bigwigs.

Iron Sky takes place at the very beginning of the Second World War. The SS officer Hans Kammer launches his first space ships heading from the Antarctic straight to the Moon where he manages to build a secret base called Schwarze Sonne. And no surprise, in 2018 the Nazi invasion of Earth is once again an actual threat… From the very beginning Laibach cooperated at the film preparation. In their music they refer to the Austrian composer, Richard Wagner, whose music got intentionally political by Nazi leaders.






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