Metallica performs its famous Black album live in Prague

After two years a popular formation from San Francisco returns to the Czech Republic to remember its most significant art work “Black album” of 1991; the band will play the whole piece on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. You will hear live compositions that Metallica rarely listed into the concert playlist in past, for example The God That Failed, Through The Never, Holier Than Thou or My Friend Of Misery.


The band performs the complete „Black album“ of 1991. Soon after the release of „Black album“ it became totally essential for the band; back then it divided Metallica fans into two groups. While the orthodox fans didn’t like commercial ballads such as Nothing Else Matters or The Unforgiven, which catapulted the band to the top places of  radio charts, many listeners of the mainstream were thrilled to listen. From thrash metal albums Kill ´Em All, Ride The Lighting, Master Of Puppets or …And Justice For All with majority of harmonically complicated compositions with aggressive texts the record differed mainly by melodic vocal of the frontman James Hetfield, who perfected its sound under supervision of an experienced producer Bob Rock.


The prices of entry tickets start at 1490 CZK up to 2490 CZK and you can buy them on Ticketpro.


If the previous lyrics mainly focused on wars, destruction and like a kind of „blietzkrieg“attacked everything nearby, it was as if Metallica grew up all of a sudden. The themes changed to self-destruction, individuality, dark coincidences, and merciless fate and offered the world a weird alternative of grunge genre that rules the rock scene at the time. San Francisco formation managed to enter mainstream waters without selling its trash metal roots; eleven million pieces of the album were sold. The following monstrous tour with Guns N´Roses and a mega concert in San Diego, where Metallica got its first live recording: Live Shit: Binge & Purge. Since then it became one of the best selling metal bands although it does not avoid controversy. The last album Lulu, recorded together with Lou Reed, was negatively perceived by both public and critiques; it might be the reason why Metallica wants to improve its reputation with this memory tour especially for the fans who completely scorched Lulu.






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