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Fullstars perspective: Castle living

When living at the castle, one really needs to have a top designed interior. What a challenge for our Fullstars team…

Home theatre project, quality hi-fi audio and multi-room solution were realised at the end of last year in little private castle not far away from Prague. It is a very sensitive arrangement of a modern technology inside a historical house. Within the whole object we followed the rule that the technology would not be in competition to interior design or its inhabitants and best it won’t be noticeable at all. The exception is of course a living room containing the home theatre.

Other zones (bedroom, kitchen, eating room, workroom and two terraces) contain the sound system SONOS using in-built speakers; therefore it is possible to listen to anything anywhere in the house from the music library or even internet radio, yet the space is not disturbed by visible speakers or electronics as everything is carefully hidden inside the furniture and walls. As for the sound quality the home theatre belongs into the middle hi-fi category; it has a central of Integra and Xavian speakers in combination with in-built B&W. Even more accentuated is stereo-reception with system Naim Audio and speakers Dynaudio.

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