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Anders Hermansen: Beo-designer from Bang & Olufsen

In the last part of our series on famous designers dealing with sound devices we brought you Dieter Rams, who is considered one of the main inspirations for Apple. Today we focus on Anders Hermansen who gave his face to iconic produce of the company Bang & Olufsen.


Anders Hermansen was 28 years old when in 1988 he won a prestige Danish designers award. Back then he designed for example such furniture based on metal wires. His relations with Bang & Olufsen at the beginning of ninetees happened quite unorthodoxly; Anders wanted for his studio a good sound system. He called B&O, if they coldd send him an appropriate device. Former chief designer Ejgil Thomsen replied: „Well Anders, listen,” he said. “We can’t just send you a stereo. What we can do is send you an air ticket, so that you can come over and meet with us.”


One of his first working experiences for Bang & Olufsen was agreatly appreciated and sold headphones called Earphones. At the beginnings of preparation phase the company accordingly bought tons of available headphones, analysed them into small bits and researched all aspects of how their design influenced the sound. The resulting headphones measured 35 x 59 x 14 mm. the whole trick is based on the fact the headphones really got to stick firmly where they belong. This way they can deflect all surrounding sounds, while the sound goes straight into ears in the purest form. Small size and precise ergonomics guaranteed comfort. The listener simply forgets about wearing any headphones at all and enjoys a great sound.


Relating this kind of minimalism and a maximum utilization is all too typical for Scandinavian countries. In Bang & Olufsen they call it „design for life“.Eraphones set was one of a whole series of concepts according to the line of produce. Since then Anders Hermansen was at the very beginnings of creation of a number of produce named with a prefix „Beo“ typically for B&O. Hermansen is now spreading pieces of information in interviews regarding an early coming of something even bigger than the legendary Earphones without any further comments, we are soon to be expecting another member of Beo-family. Meanwhile lets look at some the shapes Andersen thought of and B&O, which by the way located one of its factories including its own section of research and development in Northern Bohemian town of Kopřivnice.



The headphones are used for news publicist on television, by members of symphonic orchestras or cyclist on Tour de France. Tom Cruise in Minority Report used them too. Apple offers them in stores because he considers them sexy enough to go with its own produce.


Beosound 5

BeoSound 5 is a digital audio player that the company considers its “new classic”. The digital screen incorporates an aluminium controlling circle relating two worlds; a non-material digital and a real metal one together in a single unit. While everywhere else the stress is put on touch screens, here control is done in a good old “analogue” pressing and turning.



Beolab 2000

Beolab 2000 is a part of a famous Beolink system, which connects music with picture in homes into a sophisticated unit. Beolab 2000 is an amplifier with a speaker. A control panel offer a choice of a sound and volume and you can place the individual piece anywhere you like in your household.



Earset 1 Mobile

Earset 1 Mobile is a headphone for mobile phones. In fact it is a clone of Earphones made of the same materials; aluminium and gum.  



Baby Cradle

The piece has nothing to do with sound or Bang & Olufsen, yet it refers to Hermansen´s former furniture production. The children swing chair clearly shows that he didn’t forget to use his favourite wires as he used to do so much during his work for Bang & Olufsen…











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