Norah Jones: a new record coming out in May


The singer Norah Jones prepares an album novelty. The record should be called Little Broken Hearts and it is produced by Danger Mouse.

The holder of nine Grammy Awards met the reputable producer at the beginning of last year working on an album Rome that Danger Mouse recorded with an Italian composer of film music Daniel Luppi. Norah Jones sang three songs for a genre project Rome and it seem the cooperation with a famous producer and musician was interesting and overall enjoyable.
The basics of her songs for the new album Little Broken Hearts came to life almost simultaneously with the compositions for the record Rome. Together with Danger Mouse they met to finish the songs again last autumn. They both contributed to the collection as composers and played most instruments.  Norah plays piano, keyboards, bass and guitar while Danger Mouse plays the drums, bass, keyboards and the rest of individual instruments.

The album ought to be available by May 1, 2012.


Let us remind you Norah Jones is one of the most commercially successful singers of the last decade.  She celebrates success with the listeners and critiques that appreciate her artistic production and uncompromising attitude. Danger Mouse got famous with pirate issue of so called Grey album that connected the white album Beatles with the black album of the rapper Jay-Z. Next he produced a number of interesting records (for example Gorillaz and he announced producing the upcoming U2 album) and he released his own work for example as part of a successful project Gnarls Barkley.


Here you can at least listen to a sample of song called Black, which would be present on the new album:




And here is the irresistible version of Long Way Home by Tom Waits.






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