Alabama Shakes: Boys & Girls

All the fuss has been completely justified. A new album called Boys & Girls by a debut band Alabama Shakes offers true Southern rock, gospel passion and blues rhythms. The fact that the record is totally upbeat proves a total duration time; eleven songs lasting only thirty six minutes that puts the music formation side to side with AC/DC, early Led Zeppelin or a music magician James Brown.

Alabama Shakes cannot deny their rock grounds. Of course no starting music formation can do without being influenced by the above mentioned celebrities. But if you take in account their own musical skills then it is true that they shift borders of rock soul and gospel beyond discovered lands. Natives of Alabama can be easily compared with a chameleon Jack White or a gravel-voiced Mick Jagger. Ultimate sceptics can then admire a preciseness of a typical instrumental choice, with a quartet of Brittany Howard (singing and guitar), Heath Fogg (guitar), Zac Cockrell (bass) and Steve Johnson (drums) creating a maximum of music.

The record Boys & Girls is based mainly on a front woman Brittany´s vocal that gives you goose pimples all over your skin; indeed if Kings Of Leon kept to their original fundamentals it is quite likely they´d sound similar to Alabama Shakes. Soulful cracking voice goes hand in hand with rough riffs that together hide into a swelling crescendo. The opening composition Hold On starts as a true rock´n´roll train loosing none of its power and intensity until the very ending.  I Found You intends to present elegant mix of gospel tradition with an old Motown school. Even the rest of songs don’t stay behind regarding mixing of established genres.  Heartbreaker is a breath-taking passionate ride going profoundly deep to the heart of rock a la Janis Joplin, same as decently melancholic Be Mine that is easy to imagine being a shining hit of any Rolling Stones album.



Boys & Girls are characteristic by the famous Southern light-weight, mourning pathos and weeping for country roots all that wrapped inside melodic creations and many harmonic changes. Alabama Shakes are just at the beginning. Let’s be on the lookout what they bring us next.


Alabama Shakes: Boys&Girls

Formate: CD, Vinyl, MP3

Released: 2012

Publisher: Ato Records









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