Deep Cuts, Volume 1-3: a deep cut through Queen discography

In 2011 Queen got massively popular. Since the birth of the British legend in 1971 it has been unbelievable forty years. The band members are celebrating in the most sensible way; after sound re-mastering of all their recordings they released them on CD or SA-CD, also including rare pieces and wide booklets. There are also interesting compilations such as Deep Cuts, Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.


There is more to celebrate; twenty years past the death of an unforgettable frontman Freddie Mercury (1991), who would have been just sixty five years old if it wasn’t for the AIDS virus that ended his life too early. His moustache, a yellow jacket and a white vest were the three visual symbols of Queen, who were last seen at the performance in Wembley or Knebworth Park that took place twenty five years ago. And a total score? Freddie was right claiming he´d never want to live long enough to retire and perform like the granddady Jagger.

Still his premature ending of his exciting life didn’t stop him from recording until the last moments of his life, which enabled the rest of the triplet to release post-mortal selections and rarities that they from time to time support by their own revival activities. But all that can be done with honour.

Deep Cuts, Volume I – III luckily does not comply with the label of typical Greatest Hits. Forget classical hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You or We Are The Champions. Here are the songs too often overlooked and now rising like phoenix from the ashes in a great sound quality.


Deep Cuts, Vol. 1

Early period of Queen (1973 – 1976) is based on a pleasant space rock, classical ballads (I´m In Love With My Car), vocal head longs and rich melody lines. Simple rock compositions have the power of the seventies with influences of opera and chanson (The Millionaire Waltz) or country style (39).


Deep Cuts, Volume 2

The most progressive years of 1977 –1982 and slow decline from rock and disco radio hits is considered the golden age of Queen. A concert opening Mustapha, power rock smashing Sheer Heart Attack or blues hit Sleeping On The Sidewalk remind us that the period didn’t belong only to pop hits from controversial album Hot Space, but also funded jazz/blues/rock with elements of playful rhythmic, choral choir and fleeting simplicity.


Deep Cuts, Volume 3

The foursome was heading from funky style down to a mediocre disco. Artistic decline, concert Olympic hill and a gradual requalification of themselves describe the last years 1984 – 1995; a spasm period following Mercury´s death and post mortal album called Made In Heaven lack the wild energy of the previous records. Still the songs Bijou, The Hitman or Mother Love can be described as mature compositions of a professional band that despite adverse fate would record songs with all the care the music world can ever forget. Choral pathos, synthesized games, but mainly weakening Freddie´s vocal definitely close a huge chapter of the pop music history…        


Queen: Deep Cuts, Volume I, II, III

Formate: Audio CD, SACD

Released: 2011

LAbel: Island UK




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