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Celebrity home theatres or Where Michael Jackson used to look out from…

A while ago Fullstars brought you a review on home theatres showing, delicately spoken, an extravagant taste of their owners. In the article Home theatres that you will (luckily) never own and Home theatre concepts: a vision of crazy film fansyou can have a look at home theatre in a style of a bat cave or a pirate den. If you are interested to learn from which couch Michael Jackson watched his favourite movies or where Lance Armstrong watches a breath-taking finish of Tour de France, seek for an answer in the list of home theatres of the world celebrities below.


Michael Jackson

A recently deceased king of pop music built his famous ranch of Neverland as an eccentric fairy tale place. The whole mansion is covered with speakers so that the visitors can listen to Michael´s favourite pieces; his own music or Disney movies music while they enjoy themselves in his private zoo or an entertaining park. Although his hobbies and crazes were quite extravagant, Neverland home theatre was in fact pretty decent. Apparently Michael enjoyed most sitting in the chair right from the controlling panel…


Kanye West

Singer, actor, producer and holder of eighteen Grammies (pretty good for someone who has just turned thirty five) is also an owner of a fast-food chain KW Foods LLC, a co-creator of a collection of Louis Vuitton shoes or a founder of Donda Foundation. Kanye West must certainly be quite busy so no wonder he likes to chill out in a surprisingly timid yet the more cosy home theatre with a drop ceiling.


Lance Armstrong

We would hardly expect any fantastic creations from a phenomenal cyclist and really his home theatre concept reflects a personality of himself quite well; it is efficient, conservative and slightly boring. When Lance gets of his bike or finishes ultra triathlon that he has been devoted to lately and he gets bored by all the talk on whether he did or didn’t dope during his carrier, he can relax and wedge out with his five kids on his couch set.


Eddie Murphy

A famous comic bought a luxury mansion called Bubble Hill with thirty-two rooms years ago. He probably ceased to like it because he offered it for sale for thirty million dollars some five years ago. Yet a real estate crisis hit also these super luxury buildings so Eddie´s smile kind of froze on his lips because the price dropped down to a half by now and the house with its own bowling room and thirteen bathrooms has yet not found a purchaser. Hopefully Eddie gets confined in his home theatre watching a part of the Beverly Hills series.



Britney Spears

It seems that fading carrier of the blond pop princess have began to steep up again. Her last years album Femme Fatale was voted by MTV audience the best album of the year and she got thumbs up even in a legendary Rolling Stone magazine. The etenrnal teenager who got famous by her not very good taste regarding her partners has her residence in Chateau Sueňos in Californian Calabasas quite a conservatively designed home theatre, don’t you agree…?



Pete Sampras

After winning fourteen tennis Grand Slam titles one can surely afford any housing you can only dream of. For some reason Pete is keen on fireplaces and owns a total of ten of those at his home. The home theatre is combined with a library so that the screen comes down from the ceiling. If you heat up the fireplace a bit too much, the whole family can get refreshed outside watching movies in an outdoor theatre. Probably the only thing that you would not find in Sampras hacienda is a clay court; although he won almost everything, he´s never reached the top on that surface so the Parisian tournament award is missing in his Grand Slam collection.



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