Eagles: Hotel California (SACD, 2011, Wea Japan)

A sunny California is a place of an optimistic sadness of hard rock matadors called Eagles. Southern rock, tequila and escaping outlaws; Eagles could define there area already at the beginning of the seventies in their first records. Nevertheless in 1976 there was a breakthrough with a recording Hotel California, when they got into radios with their ballad blues rock sound in all the world countries and in their own way caused a critique of the big famous USA.


Ironically the biggest hit from the fifth line received a mass acknowledgement in the last place. A kind of a mysterious text can be interpreted in many ways which was not too much for an ordinary listener. The band members after almost thirty years don’t want to really talk about their most famous hit. „Basically it is a bore… The song deals with dark and unpleasant sides of an American dream as we all know. That is nothing new under the sun,“ deprecated the issue of a conventional album Hotel California one of the formation leaders, a drummer Don Henley. It can be speculated if it´s about migration, chasing success or searching identity.  Traditional values of only „200 years old country“ are suddenly getting quite a different character.



So what is the success of a record Hotel California that almost won a Grammy if it wasn’t for their colleagues Fleetwood Mac? All members of Eagles are skilful multi-instrumentalists who contributed equally talking about captivating guitar solos, harmonic vocals or colourful music feeling. Album is basically top of hard rock seventies that were almost over. We can find typical rock ballads, blues rhythmic or Southern riffs that were the starting points of their followers.

Thirty six years later there is a legendary album in a format SACD in HD version available as 24/96 for download. If you aspire to get even higher resolution it is also available as 24/192 file. It is obvious that Eagles music didn’t get any older. A conceptual character of the album is enhanced by crispy bass riffs in a title composition, Walsh´s progressive guitar solos or a sharp drum sound. All of a sudden Eagles are a young band of musicians on top of their creative powers gone back in time.


Eagles: Hotel California

Formate: SACD

Recorded: 1976

Released: 2011

Label: Wea Japan







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