Florence & The Machine: Ceremonials

Even commercial radios could not help noticing Florence Welch. A harp-loving ginger queen and a bombastic sound set the second record level pretty high up and it is quite obvious that the star will keep shining brightly for a while.


At the beginning there were Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, who together founded a band called Florence Robot/Isa Machine. In time Florence became a charismatic and self confident frontman which caused a logical re-structuralising and a current band name; her former partner is in charge of an accompanying band The Machine and it has many other hits that won several Brit Awards.

A debut Lungs was just like a time bomb that caused a sudden death to little stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Leon Lewis and even Kate Bush. A massive production, perfected arranges and popular refrains secured an artistic acknowledgement of Florence Welch there was nothing in the way of her making a multi-layered pop wave all through the many corners of the world. The singer became a popular indie-pop star standing in between the fragility of Kate Nash and a gospel bewitching of Adele.



As she often said, she wanted to go even further: „I want to keep getting inspired and not rest on my laurels.“ The second record called Ceremonials is even more ceremonial, spirited and mysterious. The whole sound of the album is covered in baroque atmosphere with major leading string arranges and pathetic vocal that sings in a bitter-sweet way along with a stormy sea of harmonic changes and melodic somersaults. A carnival Shake It Out will bring you to your knees same as a prayer What The Water or a refrain catchy song Never Let Me Go. Ceremonials might be substantially more difficult record than many awards winning album Lungs, still it is definitely worth checking out.


Florence and the Machines

Formate: CD, MP3, Vinyl, CD Deluxe Edition

Label: Universal Republic

Released: 2011








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