A unique docking station: composed by Jean Michel Jarré

A French magician of electronic music apart from playing a laser harp also devotes his time to his own brand Jarre Technologies. Look at his docking station including something you won´t find in a usual audio system; a ladder.

Jean Michel Jarre was always interested in connecting things together. His work includes sound and picture and his concerts are not just about music but also visual experience. No wonder a man with such an open mind entered the world of design and technologies where he certainly didn’t get lost. His own brand Jarre Technologies responded to a requirement that Jarre expressed in this manner: “In recent years, there has been, particularly for music, a growing gap between the high quality hi-fi systems sophisticated and expensive audiophile speakers and often poor for laptops to listen to music as mp3. I am convinced that because of the remoteness of growing public support for some physical music (and sometimes the image) is because people have forgotten what the quality of reproduction should be.”


Jarre Technologies is about three year old brand and definitely worth your attention. It offers docking stations for iPhone, iPad or iPod; yet one thing surely catches your attention leafing through their modest catalogue; you can buy things that fit into your pocket as well as one that big it would not find enough room in your flat unless you live in a factory hall. Apart from a docking station AeroPad One and AeroPad Two you can get an ideal sound system including something we only rarely find in hi-fi area; a ladder. We are talking about AeroDream One.


AeroDream One

Just the size and weight shows that locating this tower will require a design engineer and an architect; a height of 3.4 metres, a weight 395 kgs. A total performance is 10 000 W divided into five channels: 1 x 4000W bases, 2 x 1600 W middles and 2 x heights with a performance of 1400 W so you might have new neighbours soon too. It comes in three colours; chrome, white and black. Because this is not a serial produce the price is agreed individually with each order.

AeroSystem One

A little shorter brother of the former is called AeroSystem One, who works with the same vertical concept but not as high as up to the ceiling: it measures 108 cm and weights solely 14 kgs. It includes a single 60W subwoofer and two tweeters each of 30W performance. A set price is 799 Euro. Another option for those who like real luxury is the series Lalique; AirSystem One is covered by crystals Lalique and the tower is designed in Art Deco style.



AeroPad One, AeroPad Two

The boxes measure around half a metre and weight about eight kilograms. Number one stands vertically and number two horizontally. Used materials are chrome metal with the body of the device and bamboo wood at the front. You can choose the bamboo wood style and black or white colour. The first piece costs 499 Euro, the other 799 Euro.






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