Supertramp: Breakfast In America (Vinyl, 180g)

Supertramp, a British legend from 1970s and 1980s, released an exclusive vinyl edition of their 1979 record.


„The song Breakfast In America was composed using an old harmonium I found in a store back in England. It was all covered with cobwebs but I splashed out and paid twenty six pounds for it anyway. And it certainly paid out. One day I was in a capricious mood dreaming about travelling to America and I was telling myself it would be easier for me to get a girl there too… So that´s how the song was born,“ says a singer and a leader of the band Roger Hodgson.

Apart from the famous radio hit that can´t be denied a rhythmical directness and a seemingly simple melody the rest of songs can be considered a typical sample of a smart and respected mainstream of its time. Eighties weren´t just about strange hair-metal creatures, electro pop smash hits and discophile rhymes. They also offered quality pop and rock with a master melodic lines, choral harmonies, jazz feeling and arena prayers. Along with Genesis, The Police or Pink Floyd, Supertramp was profiled as a band that musically developed on falsetto and Southern Eagles with a playful melody and smart texts destroying all established myths. In the mainstream it brought joy and sensual poetry while their inept sound groping at the break of the seventieth was long gone.

More serious undertone and a psychological appeal can be heard in every startlingly rhythmical track  contrasting in an opening Gone Hollywood or The Logical Song. Groping and searching for your own existence is symptomatic for neurotically synthetic piece Goodbye Stranger, same as a ballade Oh Darling, which is a paraphrase and a response to a more famous version from Abbey Road by the Beatles.



A new re-master that 180gm vinyl record proudly contains also brings live songs from the 1979 tour and it also has classical CD and DVD with a plenty of video recordings. There is also sixty page booklet with a replica of a concert ticket or a poster. But what really strikes you just after the first listening are impressive sound dynamics with high basses and structured frequencies making the record really worth every penny. Supertramp as you never heard them before…


Supertramp: Breakfast in America

Formate: Vinyl, 180 g

Label: Domestic LP

Recorded: 1979

Released: 2088 








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