Stan Getz: Jazz ´Round Midnight

Light up your candles, enjoy a romantic evening with a lady wearing a hair bun and check out several black and white movies back from the 1950s. Such is a recipe for a pleasant listening experience of a new release of CD Jazz´Round Midnight; Stan Getz from a famous series that became a classic of a tempting bossa nova over the years.


Aristocrat Stan Getz is simply a modern Casanova, who on contrary to his historic counterpart does not climb up the water shoots to see the nuns but tells us painful stories playing his saxophone on saying goodbye, twilight and sensual love-making. He caresses his saxophone like a virgin prior to a defloration; his saxophone sings darkly his songs already in his introductory manifesto called Round Midnight, in a middle tempo Winter Moon or in When The Sun Comes Out he is not afraid to flirt with natural lyrics  to get wild in a harmonic and structurally complex composition Pan as a pioneer of bee bop with a neo-classical rhythms of a chamber orchestra. And we can go on. A tenor plays with melodies sometimes with civic instrumental set softly weeps, other times it dances samba for everyone around. A street chanson breathes from all around, even if we speak about a ballade Didn´t We, a bar smoky But Beautiful or an impressionistic The Look Of Love. Jazz´Round Midnight: Stan Getz finishes with a symbolic Vivo Sonhando seductive combo balade, which indicates that the night serie is not at all over but continue further on in a mythical infinity. In this case you can say the sensual night is simply ethernal. And that´s all fine.


Stan Getz: Jazz ´Round Midnight

Formate: Audio CD, MP3 download

Recorded: 1993

Released: 3.5 2012

Label: Verve Records








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