Björk: Biophilia


Compared to other music interprets Björk has a big advantage; any of her new albums first drowns in so much chaos, insecurity and transcendental secrecy that it can hardly compete with any level of quality of contemporary art. One thing is clear; although a lady Björk has indisputably aged a fair bit, she has no fear of modern technologies and becomes their evangelist in music industry.


Biophilia is already her eight full-length art work where she attempted to create an amazing piece of art connecting all aesthetic clichés of her contemporary work. She managed to shift conceptual work to the limits of absolute several times in past. There is no reason to doubt she would achieve the same with Biophilia. Björk sounds as if she just came out of an Icelandic volcano while she emphatically analysis all the windy roads leading to understanding of human behaviour that she interprets as a reflection of a desperate ecosystem. She does that by layering material as a painter who just came out of a purgatory would do. In her compositions there is a depth empowered by non-existence of a single though-through melodic line, interspersed harmony and purposeful incompleteness. Starting with „a hit maker“ called Crystalline carrying a typical Björk signature when the only engaging point for a listener is a pentatonic leitmotiv finished by a sample slapstick. The fact it still has a punk charge although covered by many layers of instrumental preciseness is proved by its release via iPad applications.



Once again Björk connects various sorts of sense perception. Her interpretation makes Biophilia a concentrated synthesis of modern art; music, fine arts, film and most of all general visual impressions. With issuing another album she released a new website, through which she can communicate with her fans. Anyone can therefore look into her music workshop, which is definitely worth your moment and you can even watch a nine minute documentary of her highly authentic creation.


Björk: Biophilia

Formate: Audio CD, Vinyl, Mp3

Released: 2011

Label: Nonesuch








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