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High End Munich: Ten Designer´s Nightmares

An exhibition High End Munich is a grand presentation of the best. All the excellent produce we reviewed in our article High End Munich with our Own Eyes : Presentation of the Very Best really got us down to our knees. Yet the more we got stricken by the moment we encountered the produce looking as if they appeared on television DIY program in a style “Make your own play box”. Infinite loads of produce that represented what happens if a hi-fi fan decides to enrich society even in the field of industrial design shocked us to such an extent that we decided to make a selection of “the worst out of the worst” into a list of ten anti designs from High End Munich 2012.


Surrountec Monolog

Surrountec producer is simply Schwabische Lautsprechermanufaktur. We would not like to just make fun of German taste in humour and sense of detail but what can we do looking at the two modules with an authoritatively sharp curve? A monologue most of all reminds of a hall computer from the seventies or author´s fantasy of future from a movie by Fritz Lang. Its style incorporates something cosmic and a country tuning of vehicles and meat-eating fridge.  A producer says on its website that an inspiration is also the Zen itself… We would be interested which kind of Zen school was their inspirations indeed.



Cessaro Chopin

Designers of Cessaro company decided to create their trademark through a central circle in style of an isolator of a fine circuit. A smart advert for free; anytime you encounter an electrical pole you connect it with the German producer with an Italian name and a produce called after a Polish composer. We don’t know what Chopin has done to make them image him looking as depressively as a single-eyed Cyclope.




Cessaro Gamma

An isolator motive got that popular in Germany that it bases a whole new line called by Greek alphabet letters.  Alpha got one, Beta two and Gamma three round trumpets; Gamma is already lacking space for more. We heard that there is already a model Delta, Psi and Omega coming up; those will consist of more than thirty speakers of various sizes that you can stick to a piece of plywood yourself.


A selection of what we really liked in Munich can be found in our article High End Munich with Our Own Eyes: Presentation of the Very Best.


Cabasse L´ Ocean


Another representative of an anthropomorphic line of design is right here. In comparison to square Chopin the seaman by Cabasse is very rounded looking yet there is too many of them. Same as Chopin he is looking on the world with a single eye only. A producer called it L´Ocean and presenting it on website by a fantasy over the ocean evoking a story we imagine; UFOs put an army of their Cabasse soldiers climbing up the seashore on one leg and from their rounded heads shine streams of destruction onto everything around.  



Boenicke W20

Here is another German Kriegsdesign. Cannon is just missing wheels to tie it up to horses and to take it to manoeuvres. We got to add that other produce of a young manufacturer are actually very interesting. The novelty they just presented was from quite a different box of ideas…




Aries Cerat

Cyprus is a proud country deep in the heart of the Mediterranean close to Turkey. Various rulers were shaking and cutting their hands off throughout centuries yet the Cyprians kept their traditions until today and their olive oil is a real liquid gold. And same as coming from an olive factory looks this hi-fi mill; from high up you put the rough material and below unit with ram´s head makes the turbine turn round and from the drains comes the produce.




German Physiks: The Unicorn MKII

Warum, mein Gott, warum? Design of this object is almost perversely morbid. Creators might be seeking their customers amongst crematorium owners but even a cremator looks more optimistic than this object an origin of which ought to be spirit lifting through music. Maybe if an amplifier inside was smaller and a device to crush inflammable reminds was installed, that would be a world unique – a playing urn filler.




 Lawrence Audio

Compared with previous existential design stuff by Lawrence Audio seem almost harmless; similar to a dog that barks but not bites you. Or as a frog that inflates in danger to surprise an enemy. That was a success by creators; to take others by surprise indeed. Contrary to German physicians above whose inspiration we kindly resist to even consider, Lawrence got inspired by music instruments and worked with them almost in a cubistic way. And why not…



Horn: Universum 3 Way

All the produce of the Polish producer are remarkable for its strong WTF effect; a model Universum 3 Way is also very cute. At first sight it is hard to define what purpose the meat-eating plant is designed to serve but anyway it will make your interior quite special. Pointy and rounded concept reminds of a sickle and a hammer which is not quite an uplifting symbol.


Nola Grand Reference VI

A single picture can make more than thousands of words…






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