Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts

It took three years for Norah Jones after she dared to release a new recording after her Icarus fall into rock depths. Previous The Fall lacked everything that the novelty Little Broken Hearts has plenty of; authors jazz pop, dreamy vocal and a minimalistic production done by the famous Danger Mouse.


Norah Jones is this time more subjective than ever before. Little Broken Hearts maliciously breathes under the layers of non-pretended sadness; of course it is as the singer is crying her eyes out after breaking up with the love of her life, while using her artistic skills as intimately as possible. It does not matter at all if it is a broken heart of a girl from Žižkov brothel or renowned celebrity with million recording sales; Norah does not try to supress her pain in any way and in her songs she thoughtfully arguments and sadly phrases in every track except the special Say Goodbye. Here she had a mighty help of her producer Danger Mouse and every listener knows too well what´s it all about. Original melodies self-consciously accompanies bass leit motive and a simple pentatonic creep into your subconsciousness same as with the project Broken Bells, that is a work of Danger Mouse together with James Mercer from The Shins.


Although the hits are missing on Little Broken Hearts  the whole album is covered with a certain nervousness and lacking gradation that never reaches the peak; maybe similar to personal life of Norah Jones. Happy Pills on the contrary is an ironic grin to the eighties with the leading piano made for radio streaming. Indeed there is less jazz, rock has gone completely and Norah Jones gone even more pop-like but as if she grew about ten years younger she returns a strike to her colleague rival, Lana Del Ray, a lingering  nu-soul representative. There is a styled cover to top it all up made by an experienced photograph Frank W. Ockenfels, responsible for booklets of Nirvana, Alanis Morissette or David Bowie.


Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts

Formate: CD, Vinyl, MP3

Released: 2012

Label: Blue Note Records








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