Phoenix Design: Why does Apple want to buy Loewe?

Last week there was a gossip on the world market regarding the company Apple incorporating a German producer Loewe. Press speakers of both companies have only shrugged their shoulders and keep totally silent, yet the curve of  Loewe shares grows increasingly up. All participants are pretty happy including the designers of the studio Phoenix Design, who are behind shapes of many recent Loewe collections.


If we look at work results of the German studio Phoenix Design, we are slightly ashamed for how making fun out of the German design in our recent acticle on the worst design from Munich Hign-end fair. Even here is no collective generalisation; simple, functional and timeless shapes have to catch attention of any customer with an elementary taste. A list of brands  for which the studio of thirty employees designs goods reads as “who is who” in a field of mainstream customers. Sharp, Siemens, BenQ, Grundig, LG… and of course Loewe.


The managers from Loewe wanted from Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, the founders and leader spirits of Phoenix Design, to mainly take care of the shapes of their flat televisions and devices just in the spirit of a saying “Logics, Morals and Magic”. If the logic is on the first place, there is a good reasoning for it; if you consider a simple “Nine commandments” called Succes Factors, you can simply forget any other rules of how a creative process ought to look like. The case of Loewe is mentioned in the third part called “Brand personalisation”.



Before Loewe started their cooperation with Phoenix they were considered a very reputable producer without any sharp characteristics that would clearly distinguish them from others. Phoenix provided exactly that; it is the control button placed in the middle below the screen that for over ten years means for Loewe what a beauty mark does for Cindy Crawford. Only for that little detail they reached a dream target of any business; to have a great image of a produce that would also sell amazingly. Although Apple certainly counted well why to get interested in Loewe we are certain that at the beginning of Logicak  arguments for an acquisition there was the Beauty, which for example televisions from the series Individual or Spheros have and it was given by Phoenix Design.


Phoenix is simply a specialist in corporate design that is creating shapes typical for individual company. Apart from Loewe a similar case is a company Viesmann producing heat systems and various useful goods mostly hidden down in the house cellars. Let’s see how during 1999-2001 Phoenix Design created produce design image that Viesmanna actually still stay true to until today:







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Loewe team
Loewe_Individual Slim



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