Speaker as a religious artefact

High School of Industrial Art student, Michal Strach, presented his concept of a speaker as a religious artefact. From now on you can stream your evening prayer all the way to the gods in Bang & Olufsen.


Michal Strach is a student of an atelier K. O. V. (Concept-object-importance) at High School of Industrial Design in Prague. In his bachelor thesis he presented a series of interior speakers. They are based on šasi made of massive wood where all electronics (two middle bass speakers, height speaker, source and amplifier) are located. A decorative part is made of paper cover stylised in the shape of a cross. To fix it there are conic stems, which go through the paper and get fixed in the speaker chassis. The same fixation works for other shape variations. The cover consists of 260 gram white tracing paper.

The spot where a vertical part meets with a horizontal part is another way to connect and fix an mp3 player. Here is an opening for player holder and 3,5 mm jack audio input. Another audio input for connecting a computer or another device of larger parameters, is located at the bottom line of chassis.


Another option is an oval mono speaker a textile cover of which pulses in the rhythm of music and evokes raindrops falling down on the water surface.  



And last but not least, an option designed by Michal Strach, is a sail on a body tube of a speaker so that the whole concept can sail away beyond the horizon.









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