Al Di Meola, John McLaughin, Paco De Lucia: Friday Night in San Francisco

Friday 5 December 1980 is a significant day in music history.  On a stage in Warfield Theatre met three unique personalities of acoustic flamenco and jazz that made a mainstream issue of its style. A legendary Friday Night In San Francisco was released after thirty years on two LP vinyl records 180g 45RPM in a limited edition.


Attention to all jazz and wild flamenco lovers; a cult live recording first issued in 1981 is here again for you, with re-mastered sound by the famous Bernie Grundman straight from original recordings due to which you can enjoy his soft tearing of strings and tasty rockabills.

The history is repeating once again; the break of 1979 and 1980 was significant by the common tour of McLaughlin, De Lucia and Larry Coryell all around Europe. McLaughlin intended to release a common recording, yet he doubted the presence of Larry Coryell who was coming through a tough personal period; both players had their own carriers who he could not stand up to. So a virtuoso Di Meola came on stage who brought energy and humour to the project. Friday Night In San Francisco captures an amazing technique and player´s preciseness and it is hard to judge who is on top in this western cowboy story. The whole triplet shines out emotional musicality, it is mutually enriching in the genres any of the players is better than the rest of ensemble. Here is a mixture of typical latino music of McLaughin with jazz preciseness of Di Meola and improvisation genius of De Lucia. A concert is full of challenges, mutual harmony and colourful atmosphere with public background noises. A top of the evening is a duet of McLaughlin with De Lucia in an opus called Frevo Rasgado by Egbert Gismonti. A beautiful melody and sensitive improvisations excel especially at the end of the composition and grandiose finale.

Friday Night In San Francisco belongs to the most impressive live recordings of an acoustic guitar. Not only it proves player´s preciseness of the famous trio but also captures an unrepeatable atmosphere of the exciting evening. Indeed, a man would believe that it was a mega-concert of rock stars, not sophisticated acoustic nuances. And there in fact lies the magic of the recording.

And a final note: a performance of Paco De Lucia you can enjoy soon in Prague on 26 June in Lucerna big hall accompanied by seven-member band.

John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola: Friday Night in San Francisco

Formate: Vinyl (180g 45RPM 2LP)

Recorded: 1980

Released: 2012

Label: ORG







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