Rush: Clockwork Angel (CD, MP3, Vinyl)

During the 35 – year-long career, the glory of the Canadian band The Rush has been tremendously unstable. They experienced their first boom by the late seventies as they became the inspiration for emerging heavy metal industry. The eighties were marked with the synthesizers of course, the spirit resulting into more alternative style with slap and reggae rhythm. Afterwards, the band experienced both artistic and commercial decline. Its only now with their new album release titled Clockwork Angles when we can easily say “No progressive rock without The Rush possible!”


The prog-rock trio Rush has never given up their face – throughout the synthesizer period or heavier rock production, which has been copied without shame by the crazy Primus band. Today, The Rush return to the noisy melodic full sound marked with punctual rhythm and noisy guitar fury resulting into a complicated harmonic stream poor in refrains. 

Geddy Lee, bass guitarist/singer, Neil Peart, drummer/writer and guitarist Alex Lifeson still represent fantastic players who do not fear to include new styles into their typical writing – e.g. the Carnies song with its Arabic melody and sophisticated riffs is just an illustration of an unique players cohesion. 

The like-hell atmosphere is multiplied by an intro song Caravan or a demonic one titled The Anarchist. However, The Rush can play damn well calm and slowly as well – and they show it to us in a typical ballad called Halo Effect truly resembling the times of some quarter century ago. The record is built up into an elegant and colorful piece by sarcastic texts rich in allegories, prayers and magic recipes creating a true labyrinth of rhymes. In short, The Rush have completely fulfilled their mission and added a new deep mark into their long and rich discography. 


Rush: Clockwork Angel 

Formate: Audio CD, MP3 download, Vinyl

Released: 12.6.2012

Label: Roadrunner Records







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