Neil Young: Americana

It took Neil Young nine years to re-establish cooperation with his accompanying band called Crazy Horse. Don’t expect any jazz, country, swing or industrial crazies. A Canadian was true to his reputation; together they recorded an album full of myths and legends on American roots.


Neil Young didn’t let us down. From his folk rock madness and readable compositions he produced the best of him. His thirty fourth recording ever lets no one doubt that Young went back to what he can do perfectly; singing folk stunt hits, Crazy Horse skilfully accompanying his music and keep middle tempo that gets under your skin with a monotonous intensity same as it used to be with album milestones Ramones. Never mind these are real American roots and a return from hell to the warm arms of classical hard rock.

The beginning Oh Susannah open the album with a sharp intensity and sounds surprisingly funky as if the band jammed in a dirty way while absorbingly raving about its own cribbing. That is not meant as a negative statement. After forty years anyone has the right to do so and if accomplished well and with entertainment, let’s applaud. Clementine with expressive rockabilly or a gospel This Land Is Your Land could take a post of sentimental soap opera music from the middle west with a chordal cascades telling us that this is your land and you ought to be proud of it. And we can only nod in agreement. In contrary Gallows Pole with a graduating female choir is a musically rich composition proving this band can really mix the music in the studio so that we can hear their jam-session in every detail. Johnny Rotten from Sex Pistols would be wondering that the finishing God Save The Queen sounds  poignantly patriotic and accompanied by the drums and angelic vocals it slowly aspires to a Christmas carol. With almost contemporary video clips you conclude that Americana is simply strong and sometimes even unpleasantly playful recording, which can certainly please your ears.


Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Americana

Formate: Audio CD, MP3 download, Vinyl

Released: 5. 6. 2012

Label: Reprise










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