Patti Smith: Banga (CD, MP3, Vinyl)

Without Patti Smith there would be no eighties pop punk, R.E.M. would never have composed Automatic For The People and Riot Grrrl movement would end up in oblivion. The Indie scene is still trying to imitate its origins. Now all you need to do is to listen to the new album Banga by Patti Smith.


A poet, folk story teller, a punk beast and hopeless romantic; that is how you could describe a personality of Patti Smith and surely we would not run out of words yet. Since the seventies she produces one album after another influenced by decadent poetry. Only she out of many managed to follow the sixties with elegance and taste. Once again Smith composes colourful verses that are darkly lyrical, intellectually stunning and pleasant in a punk rock way. Her impetuousness mixes with prayers and pentatonic intermezzos (Fujisan), Banga breathes in a blues style and Patti Smith as a real bard softly preaches under a row guitar sound. As it already became her habit, she often cites modern literature; for example Banga title composition is on Pontius Pilate from a phenomenal book Master and Market by Michail Bulgakov.



If the first half of an album was full of lyrical optimism, then the other is quite a bit darker. Patti deeply resonates presenting the scenes of a Renaissance painter Piere della Francesca giving birthday congrats to her mate, Johnny Depp in the song Nine. With an atmospheric musical company she jams a la Velvet Underground, shortly phrases in a style of a patriot Neil Young and layers colourful building pillars and melodic modulations. An art of Patti Smith is a beautiful example of how typical hard rock can be universal, short and pompous all the same. Apart from chirping of electric guitars there is also a bit of Balkan and Greek mythology and we can only bow how she can freshly innovate her old tired self.  



Patti Smith: Banga

Formát: Audio CD, MP3 download, Vinyl

Vydáno: 2012

Vydavatelství: Columbia









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