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Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same on a luxury vinyl record

A concert recording The Song Remains The Same represents a hard rock Zeppelins in their top form. A group awarded by million sales and a positive critique on one part performs a rough blues rock of early years, on the second hand the live recording flows over with believable solo exhibitions of all band members who at the time were already writing music history. A luxury packaging of four recordings and a booklet is released in a vinyl format 180g.


Compared to their eponymous music documentary the audio version has an undeniable advantage of leaving the listener flow on the waves of fantasy and in detail perceive every moment of playing skills of Mrs. Plant, Page, Bonham and Jones. Just to summarize; a new version of an antique album The Song remains The Same sounds fresh and new as if it wasn’t a year 2012, but the cult 1976, when on the new York Madison Square Garden during three nights Led Zeppelin was storming away and confirming a status of the hard rock monster.

An opening Rock and Roll, probably the most typical composition of the seventies, fires the audience into insanity same as the magnificent solo of Jimmy Page in Celebration Day accompanied by a phenomenal drummer Bonzo who is leading the band ahead as a war god Mars. Less than half an hour psychedelic onanism in Dazed and Confused with wah wah effects, legendary strings and mutual inspiration when Plant resembles Jimmy, then the rhythmic do alike, and it all ends in a final guitar rumbling, became the main sign of concert activities of Led Zeppelin and last but not least let’s say this version was only released on a vinyl recording. Another unfinished epopee is No Quarter dominated by a man in the background, John Paul Jones, who proves he is a versatile musician on all fronts. Apart from bass rumble he proves that not even foreign or key instruments or a legendary mandolin (although the last records of Zeppelin sadly suffers a plenty of synth pop influence). And of course there is also the legendary ballade Stairway To Heaven, which we can hardly expect to hear live ever again.



Led Zeppelin: The Songs Remains the Same (Expanded and Remastered)

Formát: Vinyl 180 g

Nahráno: 1973

Vydáno: 2012

Vydavatel: Rhino Records











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